FLOW 15 IN 1 Female Complete -BUY 2 BOXES GET 45% OFF

FLOW 15 IN 1 Female * Activate Your Cells* Developed and made in France, by leading experts in the field of cell optimization and rejuvenation. Manufactured according to GMP Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics standards, in compliance with French & European Quality Guidelines, Flow proudly brings you the latest in at home cell therapy.

Increase your cells’ power, improve skin elasticity & self regeneration. Facilitate your body’s ability to fill in wounds and wrinkles and repair skin & tissues. Reduces inflammation, and bolsters women’s health with issues having to do with hormones, immune response, reproductive health and more.

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This set includes:

FLOW 15 In 1F x 2 boxes (8 vials per box, total of 16 vials)


FLOW 15 In 1 F x 8 vials × 2


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