Manufacturing processes preserve and enable the ingredients to reach organ tissue with their full potential uncompromised, where they can develop their full effect. Elix relies on biological cell activation and works right down to the base of our organs. This principle thus accelerates the regeneration of the cells and vitalises them from within. This way, organs receive exactly the help they need to once again perform their functions vitally and actively – permanently and completely natural.

Based on our stem cell research, we have learned to identify signalling molecules and, with the help of our state of the art production technology, in such a way that they are able to strengthen organ systems in a targeted manner and to balance physiological control circuits in a sustainable manner.

Body cells and organ systems communicate primarily via signalling molecules. These signalling molecules work to control both cell metabolism and the division of stem cells. They also regulate complex organ functions. Signalling molecules are known to also play a decisive role in the regulation of the body’s own hormone system and are responsible for the functions of bone marrow and the immune system.

Stem cell research has shown that each organ has its own specifically unique adult stem cells, having the potential to produce daughter cells in large numbers and thus to renew the organ tissue both structurally and functionally.

This means that organ stem cells are not only actively stimulated to achieve division, their offspring are also capable of taking over a wide range of organ functions. Thanks to this mechanism, it is therefore principally possible to renew even already damaged organs from the inside and restore their physiological function.

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