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ELIX RED DIAMOND, Elix Aura’s Advanced Sheep Placenta Capsules. A formulation with the highest levels of perfected ingredients for an anti-aging and cell activating daily oral supplement.

Designed to make you look and feel 10 years younger, Elix Red Diamond is the new and advanced result of extensive research, consisting of 100% natural essential ingredients.

Restart and restore at a cellular level and experience total body rejuvenation, from the inside out, with 11,000 mg of premium sheep placenta in every dose. Marine Collagen helps to repair and replace the natural collagen in your body, for a more firmer toned complexion all over. CoQ10 improves overall cardiovascular function, while repairing liver, lungs and kidneys. Other powerful ingredients include resveratol for antioxidative effects, fish protein,Vitamins D-B2, Grape Seed Oil for skin rejuvenation etc. Find out more about ELIX RED DIAMOND here.

Elix FemVitalix (FL) contains natural ingredients which target different hormone systems in the body. Based on continued research and close consultation with therapists, professionals and experts in the field; it has been proven that regular intake of ELIX FemVitalix (FL) 5in1 – Nano Cell Ultrafiltrates 1000kD, a perfectly balanced supplement, will improve hormone regulation in the female body, resulting in improved symptoms related to menopause, PMS and exhaustion.

Rejuvenate your body at a cellular level, throughout the following areas: ovaries, brain, thymus, mesenchyme, and spleen. *Signalling molecules* extracted from natural tissues support each function to help your body perform at its best. Find out more about this product, click here:

This set includes:

Elix FemVitalix 1000kD x 1 box (10 ampoules)

Elix Red Diamond x 3 packs (10 capsules per pack) FREE!


ELIX FemVitalix (FL) 1000kD x 10 ampoules


Thanks to the close cooperation with our therapists we gained experiences on the use of Elix FemVitalix on chronic fatigue syndrome cures, symptoms related to menopause, such as migraines as a symptoms with period and heat waves, and depressive, hormone-caused mood, hormonal mood swings.

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