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ELIX Beautimax (BM)

ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

Elix Beautimax Caps 3in1 shall boost metabolism and fat burning due to its composition of endogenous proteins, vitamins and minerals in combination with taurine. Boost metabolism can be stimulated in a natural way if you strive for a weight reduction.

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At Elix, we understand that your health is vital, and that we could all use a little help and support in these hectic times. Elix has developed an easy-to-use product that will help you live a more healthy life and alleviate some of the self-care burdens from your shoulders.


What are the special features

of ELIX Beautimax (BM)?

Elix icon1 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


Convenient and easy to take capsules, 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Elix icon2 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


Stimulates your metabolism, helps you naturally lose and control weight.

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Potent natural ingredients that will boost immune function and increase energy levels.

Elix img11-768x982 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


Elix img11-768x982 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

Why do you need

ELIX Beautimax (BM)?

Elix icon4-1-1 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

Natural ingredients which target different hormone systems in the body.

Elix icon6-1-1 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

A perfectly balanced supplement.

Elix icon4-1 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

Reinforce energy metabolism, promote collagen production and improve overall health.

ELIX Beautimax (BM) contains natural ingredients which target different systems in the body. The ingredients are blended to create a perfectly balanced supplement that will reinforce energy metabolism, promote collagen production and improve overall health.

What you will


from ELIX Beautimax (BM)

If you are in search of a supplement that can address any of the issues below:

Elix img21-1-768x962 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps
Elix icon5 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

You are insearch of a supplement for weight control or weight loss

Elix icon8-1-1-768x384 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

You are experiencing Menopause, Perimenopause or Postmenopause

Elix icon6 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

You want to improve the appearance and integrity of your skin (look younger!)

Elix icon8-1 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

You are experiencing burnout and exhaustion

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You want to feel healthy, and you want to rely on natural ingredients to fuel your body

Elix img21-1-768x962 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

ELIX Beautimax (BM)

is made for any individual who wants to improve their health and achieve a rewarding and fulfilling life.

How does

it works?

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Elix mbv_Beautimax-02-768x768 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

ELIX Beautimax (BM) rejuvenates your body at a cellular level, throughout the following areas: brain, adrenal gland and umbilical cord. *Signaling molecules* extracted from natural proteins support each function to help your body perform at its best.

What is Signalling Molecules?

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The brain is the central powerhouse that runs the entire body. The accumulation of sleepless nights, poor dietary choices, and unmanaged stress will impair your brain’s performance.

ELIX Beautimax (BM) contains essential vitamins and natural tissues that work to promote brain health. Because the brain produces hormones, controls thought, memory, appetite, weight regulation and much more, improved brain health can have a positive effect on mood swings and your diet or weight loss program. ELIX Beautimax provides you with top nutrients to improve your mental abilities, attention span; and supports regulation of how your body processes foods and releases hormones that trigger hunger and eating.

Elix adrenal-grands ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


Adrenal glands help your body produce hormones that work to regulate metabolism so your body can efficiently burn fat in a natural way. When Adrenal insufficiency occurs, the glands can no longer produce levels of cortisol necessary for optimal body function, a vital tool that the body needs to respond to stress. Because less stress is proven to help with weight loss.

ELIX Beautimax is formulated to help regulate Adrenal Gland functions so that your body can maintain adequate response to stress, prevent adrenal gland disorder, adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease), adrenal nodules and more.

Elix UMBILICAL-CORD ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


An optimized supply of stem cells, from umbilical cord, can boost your body and help you lose weight naturally. Caloric restriction and fasting are generally beneficial to adult stem cell function, while high fat diets impair stem cell function. However, the effects of dieting on stem cell biology are complex and vary greatly.

On the outer surface of the umbilical cord is where Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is found; a key molecule involved in skin moisture, which has a unique capacity in holding water– to keep skin youthful and resilient. Other functions of HA include hydration, lubrication of joints, a space filling capacity, and cell migration and tissue repair.

ELIX Beautimax (BM) comprises antioxidative components to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, boosts the immune system and fights off invading bacteria and viruses. With healthy cell growth, development and function, your body can rejuvenate and maintain a better state of health.

Essential Ingredients That Will Optimize Your Health

Elix mbv_Beautimax-03-768x768 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

Antioxidants are a central focus in our formula – these molecules are naturally found in nature and can be ingested through food, fruits, and even teas. We have isolated specific antioxidants for our supplement that targets enhanced energy levels.

Chronic inflammation will weaken the immune system and increase susceptibility to serious disease. Our product will neutralize harmful by-products from inflammation and strengthen your immune system.

We’ve also included other essential vitamins that will benefit the full spectrum of your health. When using ELIX Beautimax (BM), you will also ingest nourishing and healthy levels of Vitamin C to promote collagen production to normalise skin functions, a blend of B vitamins (with Vitamin B12 to reinforce your energy metabolism), Biotin, vitamin E and Zinc and Taurine for antioxidant properties, to create a synergistic effect in your body that promotes health, well-being and improves energy metabolism.

Brought to you by a team of experts ELIX Beautimax (BM) has been researched, formulated and tested by our team of specialists in the field.

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Ready to skyrocket your beauty and health today?

Elix img31 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


Our range of ELIX STEMCELL CAPSULES products are made with only highly cultivated standards, derived from quality raw materials. We confidently and proudly bring a premium range of supplements containing nutrients of natural protein extracts that possess high bioavailability. This is made possible from:

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Elix production-icon1-1 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


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Lab/ Manufacturing Site

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Processing Facility

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Quality Assurance

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Finished Products



Are these supplements safe?

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Made In Germany

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Packed in Grade A Hygiene Labs

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Manufactured according to GMP Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics standards

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Proven effectiveness according to strict methodology in clinical trials under medical supervision

All of our products satisfy rigorous health and safety checks. We are proud to offer premium products that are compliant with accredited labs and have completed safety testing against any bacteria.

All packed goods are completed in Grade A Hygiene labs and are compliant with GMP guidelines. The shelf life of the supplement is deemed safe before the product is available on the market.


Elix img41-1 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps
Elix mbv_Beautimax-04-768x768 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps

How to use

ELIX Beautimax (BM)?

One Package includes 90 capsules of ELIX Beautimax (BM)



(3 Times A Day)

Daily dosage is 3 capsules per day

Each Package will offer

1 month of

One package includes 90 capsules of ELIX Beautimax (BM). Each package will offer 1 month of treatment.

Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day (daily dosage is 3 capsules per day), for a duration of 3 months. Results will vary for each individual, but the expectation is around 6-8 weeks to achieve results.

Elix img5-2 ELIX Beautimax (BM) x 90 caps


Supplement Facts

Active Ingredients per vial compared to average daily level of intake sufficient to meet nutrient requirements is shown in the chart below:

Per Daily Dose
Daily intake RDA %
183 mg
150 mg
Vitamin A
165.26 µg
Vitamin D3
1.03 µg
Vitamin E
9.41 mg
Vitamin B1
458.85 µg
Vitamin B2
501.6 µg
Vitamin B6
1.25 mg
2.69 mg
Vitamin B9
142.5 µg
Vitamin B12
1.11 µg
Vitamin C
70.54 mg
0.86 mg
356.25 µg
2.85 mg
0.29 mg
7.2 µg


Ovine natural tissue (brain, glandula suprarenalis (adrenal gland), umbilical cord – 3in1), Signalling molecules and cell peptides as an activator extracted from natural tissue, protein, gelatine, calcium, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherol (vitamin E), zinc, niacin (vitamin B3), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), carotene, riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (vitamin B1), lutein, copper, retinol (vitamin A), folic acid (vitamin B9), selenium, cobalamin (vitamin B12), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)


Manufacturing processes preserve and enable the ingredients to reach organ tissue with their full potential uncompromised, where they can develop their full effect. Elix relies on biological cell activation and works right down to the base of our organs. This principle thus accelerates the regeneration of the cells and vitalises them from within. This way, organs receive exactly the help they need to once again perform their functions vitally and actively – permanently and completely natural.

Based on our stem cell research, we have learned to identify signalling molecules and, with the help of our state of the art production technology, in such a way that they are able to strengthen organ systems in a targeted manner and to balance physiological control circuits in a sustainable manner.

Body cells and organ systems communicate primarily via signalling molecules. These signalling molecules work to control both cell metabolism and the division of stem cells. They also regulate complex organ functions. Signalling molecules are known to also play a decisive role in the regulation of the body’s own hormone system and are responsible for the functions of bone marrow and the immune system.

Stem cell research has shown that each organ has its own specifically unique adult stem cells, having the potential to produce daughter cells in large numbers and thus to renew the organ tissue both structurally and functionally.

This means that organ stem cells are not only actively stimulated to achieve division, their offspring are also capable of taking over a wide range of organ functions. Thanks to this mechanism, it is therefore principally possible to renew even already damaged organs from the inside and restore their physiological function.

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