Why I like this champagne/golden coloured eyeliner gel!

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Chamgane colored eye gel works for me

Chamgane coloured eye gel works for me

Hello There!

I like this water-proof champagne/Carmel coloured eyeliner gel. It is helping define and defines my eyes with out the use of harsh coloured black eyeliner.

Common brown eyeliner simply does no longer glance just right on my pores and skin tone.

However I sought after a method to outline my eyes and lead them to standout. This champagne-colored eyeliner gel did the trick.

The eyeliner gel colour may be very dense, so that you are not looking for so much for it to turn up. In consequence, the eyeliner lasts a protracted, very long time.

I like to recommend the use of the very high quality eyeliner brush that includes the product and observe no less than two layers.

– I observe one layer at the higher eyelid and wait 1 minute to let it dry. Then I observe a 2nd layer and let that dry.

– Then I observe a gentle layer at the backside eyelid and let that dry. Then, after a few minute, I observe any other layer at the backside lid.

I’m hoping that is helping different girls who cannot put on dark-colored eyeliners.

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