What’s Your Wellness Plan?

Menopause is a time to evaluate your well being – now not simply bodily but additionally emotionally.

Those previous COVID years, our number one focal point has been on fighting opposed results, dwelling a fear-based lifetime of dread of COVID, and staying up on COVID prevention thru vaccines, checking out, and way of life adjustments.  As well as, many people are getting up in age.  In a couple of weeks, I can be 69. I frequently concern about age-related problems similar to Alzheimer’s, Middle Illness, Osteoporosis, Breast Most cancers, and many others.

With that during thoughts, I wish to percentage this very good interview on wellness hosted by way of former NAMS Board of Trustees Member and Previous-President Dr. Marla Shapiro, a Canadian doctor, with Dr. Nanette Santoro, professor, and E. Stewart Taylor Chair, Divisions of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility and Reproductive Sciences, Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College of Colorado Faculty of Drugs in Aurora, Colorado.

Dr. Santoro explains that wellness is a good outlook. This sure outlook produces a glow in her sufferers.  I’ve heard of an after-glow after nice intercourse……….however this type of glow is new to me.  She explains that the glow comes from having a look towards sure results, now not simply fighting detrimental ones.

It is a terrific point of view on wholesome dwelling. I requested myself whether or not I’ve that glow.  I believe I did, pre-COVID, however over those previous few years, it has lowered. Dr. Santoro recommends that girls undertake a “wellness idea” and concentrate on a “well being span” slightly than handiest that specialize in their “lifestyles span.”  Within the video beneath, you’re going to in finding some useful guidelines.

My Motto:  Struggling in silence is OUT! Achieving out is IN! 

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