Tyra Banks Now As BIG AZ LIZZO . . . Hiding Weight Acquire By means of Photoshopping The Hell Out Of Pics!

Tyra Banks was once a narrow and trim stick insect. And whilst she’s as stunning as ever . . . she’s now a large woman.

MTO Information has been listening to reviews for months about Tyra’s contemporary weight achieve. And in step with one Los Angeles insider who is aware of Tyra, she’s now “as large as Lizzo.” Lizzo weights roughly 300 kilos.

So if Tyra’s so large how come no one is aware of?

Tyra Banks Is When compared To Lizzo – Frame Shamed

Tyra Banks Is When compared To Lizzo – Frame Shamed (; 0:35)

Neatly Tyra’s been operating additional time, to “photoshop to hell” out of all her contemporary footage, however it all got here to a head this week, when she did a bikini style shoot for Kim Kardashian’s new form put on line.

Listed here are the respectable footage of Tyra from the shoot:

Neatly MTO Information showed that the ones pics had been just about ALL CAP.

Here is a aspect via aspect glance of what Tyra REALLY gave the look of, in comparison to what she gave the look of within the pics. And be mindful, Tyra dieted down FOR WEEKS simply to appear to be this:

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