Trey Mitchell Units Stone Over Bar Report in Tournament Debut at 2023 Rogue Report Breakers

“Giant Thicket” set the benchmark with a listing long term competition will chase.

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the overall day of the Arnold Sports activities Pageant in Columbus, OH, energy athletes competed within the Rogue Report Breakers sequence after the Arnold Strongman Vintage concluded the day prior. The general pageant centered only on breaking information in specialised occasions moderately than just incomes issues to upward push above fellow athletes.

In its first look at a Rogue Report Breakers match, Trey Mitchell set the Stone Over Bar listing with a dominant five-rep efficiency. Competition had two mins to boost a 460-pound (209-kilogram) stone with out the help of “cheesy” for progressed grip. Arnold Strongman Vintage winner Mitchell Hooper, who tried the Stone Over Bar previous to Mitchell, completed a unmarried repetition.

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Mitchell’s record-setting efficiency earned him a $5,000 prize — his 2nd bonus award of the day after breaking his personal Ahead Hang listing from 2022. Right through the Ahead Hang, Mitchell, once more, beat Hooper’s efficiency in the similar match.

Trey Mitchell’s record-setting feats of energy wrap up an in a different way a success weekend for the two-time Shaw Vintage winner (2021, 2022). Mitchell positioned 4th within the 2023 Arnold Strongman Vintage, an development from his seventh position fulfillment within the 2022 version of the competition.

At the first day of the Arnold Strongman Vintage, Mitchell gained the Austrian Oak Log Carry match. Mitchell displayed extra special overhead urgent powering by means of hoisting the 195-kilogram (430-pound) log for 4 repetitions. In a imaginable twist of fate, Hooper as soon as once more positioned simply in the back of Mitchell within the log elevate match by means of finishing best 3 repetitions with the similar weight.

Whether or not the ordinary development of besting Hooper used to be likelihood or a possible foreshadowing of the approaching aggressive season, it’s transparent that Trey Mitchell seems to be headed into the 2023 strongman season able to proceed an impressive output.

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Re-Watch the Motion

It’s now not too past due to re-watch the competition in motion. To look at the strongman competitions, head to Rogue Health’ YouTube channel. For the bodybuilding occasions within the Arnold Vintage, lovers can consult with FanMio to buy the pay-per-view for $59.99. It may be performed on any Apple tool, in addition to on an Android TV, Google TV, and Amazon’s Hearth TV.

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