Tight IT Band After Knee Alternative (Revel in and Pointers)

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Knee alternative restoration is a protracted procedure accompanied with many kinds of aches and pains. Whilst some other folks simplest enjoy swelling and stiffness, others might enjoy ache across the knee.

A good IT band is a commonplace feeling after knee alternative, on the other hand, it isn’t explicit to knee alternative. In reality, many athletes and other folks and not using a historical past of knee issues enjoy the similar factor.

If you’re improving from knee alternative surgical procedure and you’ve got a decent IT band (and ache), don’t be alarmed. There are stretching and strengthening workout routines you’ll do to alleviate the tightness.

As your frame adjusts to a brand new knee, the muscle mass and ligaments will have to start to chill out and chill out. I’ll proportion my enjoy underneath and why I imagine it’s necessary to stick energetic and limber all the way through knee alternative restoration.

The IT Band and Why It Can Really feel Tight

The Iliotibial Band (IT) is the connective tissue (ligament) extending from the Pelvic bone (hip) to the tibia (shinbone). The IT Band is helping to increase, abduct and rotate the hip. It additionally is helping to stabilize and transfer the facet of your knee protective the outer thigh.

When overused, the IT Band can change into tight and reason ache within the knee joint and knee cap. The tightness (IT Band Syndrome) is continuously brought about by way of repetitive bending of the knee all the way through bodily process and overuse.

After knee alternative, this band can change into tight because of the trauma of the operation and because of the brand new construction and positioning of the knee. Tightness within the knee and alongside the IT band, even supposing it is going to really feel uncomfortable, is comprehensible.

Actions like swimming, operating, biking and hiking (strenuous mountain climbing) are continuously the reason. When overused, the IT Band can change into tight and reason ache and discomfort.

My Revel in With Tightness and Stiffness After TKR Surgical operation

Earlier than my TKR, I had by no means skilled tightness in my IT Band. After surgical procedure, I had a cast bodily remedy program which I persisted by myself with out a important issues.

My first enjoy with IT Syndrome got here a 12 months and a part after my TKR. I started to really feel ache in my hip and knee after two days of strenuous mountain climbing. I attempted to proceed to workout for an afternoon or two however the ache become worse.

My first ideas have been that I had wiped out my hip and that I wanted hip alternative. My proper hip started to harm whilst mountain climbing (identical leg as my TKR) however I persisted to hike some other 3 miles again to the auto.

The ache were given step by step worse all the way through the following week. I had ache when strolling and by way of the top of the week I may not do any bodily process. It were given so dangerous that I had bother snoozing at night time on account of the ache.

After all, I went to the bodily therapist that I labored with all the way through my TKR restoration. He eased my fears of extra surgical procedure by way of assuring me that he was once beautiful positive I had IT Band Syndrome. He gave me a sequence of stretching workout routines that I will be able to proportion on this article. After relaxation and stretching the ache went away after a month.

Pointers To Scale back The Tight Band Feeling After Knee Alternative Surgical operation

  1. Keep transferring, stand up out your chair and select some actions that you simply experience. Heat up correctly, make an effort to stretch or even follow warmth all the way through your stretch.
  2. Stretch the muscle mass round your hip and knee regularly however particularly earlier than process. Make stronger your mobility, the tighter the IT Band, the much more likely it’s going to rub and increase ache. Proceed to support the muscle mass round your knee and hip after your formal bodily remedy.
  3. Test your footwear and ensure they don’t seem to be dressed in erratically. Exchange/purchase new footwear when wanted. Don’t search for affordable footwear, it’s value spending extra for a excellent pair of brogues.
  4. Therapeutic massage the realm round your knee and hip earlier than and after process. I additionally use a handheld massager proper earlier than I’m going to mattress.
  5. Calm down after exercising, spend a while stretching and don’t straight away take a seat down for a longer time. After strenuous process (for me lengthy hikes) ice the realm round your knee and hip.

My Workout routines For A Tight IT Band After Knee Alternative

My bodily therapist recommended the next workout routines/stretches for me. Seek the advice of your bodily therapist or physician to peer what workout is best for you.

  1. Sit down along with your legs prolonged. Move the leg this is sore over the opposite leg striking your foot flat at the flooring. Rotate your frame (trunk) in opposition to the painful leg as you attempt to glance over your shoulder. Cling for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.
  2. Stand upright. Move the sore leg at the back of the other leg and lean clear of the sore facet. Cling for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.
  3. Lie to your again. Bend the sore leg. Cling at the back of the bent knee with each palms and pull that leg towards your reverse shoulder. Cling for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.
  4. Wall squats the usage of a steadiness ball. Do common squats with the ball between your again and the wall. 15 squats. Repeat three times.

Your bodily therapist can come up with extra or other workout routines that may suit your bodily situation higher.


Don’t overdo it! Concentrate on your frame while you workout. Get ready for strenuous workout. Take a smash after a strenuous workout consultation or hike. Let your frame recuperate.

Stretch regularly earlier than and after process. Use warmth, ice and therapeutic massage all alongside the IT Band space from knee to hip. Concentrate on your bodily therapist and be diligent with assigned workout routines. Make stretching a life-long process.

When you’ve got extended ache and discomfort that doesn’t recover with relaxation and stretching, see your doctor. Proceed to stretch and paintings to your IT Band after the ache is going away.

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