The Worm Title Emoji Recreation

In this webpage you’ll to find “The Worm Title Emoji Recreation” which is rather like “The Drug Title Emoji Recreation” and supposed to be a amusing scientific emoji recreation for individuals who handle several types of microbial pathogens. Merely use the emoji symbols to decipher the corresponding organism title!

Those puzzles were evolved by means of Dr. Shaqil Peermohamed @Shaq_MD, Dr. Tanveer Brar @TBRAR, and Dr. Timothy Gauthier @IDstewardship.

!!!!!!!!UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!




  1. Candida tropicalis (candy-duh tropicals)
  2. Candida parapsilosis (candy-duh pair-up-sail-oh-sis)
  3. Candida albicans (candy-duh alert-bee-cans)
  4. Candida auris (candy-duh orangutan-us)
  5. Candida krusi (candy-duh cruise-eye-eye)
  6. Blastomyces dermatitidis (blast-toe-mice-seas drum-ma-tie-tie-disc)
  7. Histoplasma capsulate (hiss-toe-plasma cap-sail-atom)
  8. Coccidioides immitis (cocks-ID-E-O-ID-zzz pictures)
  9. Cryptococcus neoformans (encrypt-toe-cock-cuss kneel-yoyo-formen)
  10. Aspergillus terreus (asp-E-R-gill-US teary-US)
  11. Aspergillus niger (asp-E-R-gill-US night-gear)
  12. Aspergillus fumigates (asp-E-R-gill-US fume-E-goat-US)
  13. Lactobacillus rhamnosus (lactose-O-baa-silly-US ram-no-suspect)

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