The Perfect Bench Press Variation You’re No longer Doing

This submit is a part of our Coaches Nook sequence with Taylor Rimmer. Taylor is NSCA-CPT, StrongFirst SFG 1, and proprietor of Revive the Human in Longmont, Colorado, and has been a Bridge buyer since 2019.

How do you bench press with out a bench? 

For many running shoes and coaches, the most obvious solution is the ground press.

Whilst the ground press is a nice selection, it’s now not with out its drawbacks. The workout forces a restricted vary of movement for the reason that elbows can’t go back and forth previous the physique. The ground press additionally elicits much less leg force and lowered core activation in comparison to a standard bench press. The transfer’s useful carryover to each lifestyles and recreation leaves a lot to be desired.

A some distance higher choice?

The Bridged Ground Press

The Bridged Ground Press is basically a flooring press along with your hips bridged off the bottom. This place makes it a extra full-body motion, incorporating your core and glutes, whilst additionally making an allowance for a considerably higher vary of movement than a regular flooring press.

“The Bridged Ground Press is a transfer I’ve programmed so much in recent years. It’s extraordinarily protected — you don’t desire a spotter. And so far as packages to different lifts, you actually see other people’s leg force and full-body stress within the typical bench press toughen from coaching the Bridged Ground Press. Even for powerlifters, it’s were given actually excellent carryover” says Taylor Rimmer.

Main advantages of the transfer come with:

  • Makes the bench press a real full-body workout
  • Permits for higher vary of movement than a regular flooring press
  • Provides the facility to make use of so much related to (if now not more than) the ground press
  • Elicits higher core and posterior chain activation in comparison to the ground and bench press
  • Can assist toughen leg force all over the standard bench press
  • Provides a particularly protected strategy to educate the bench press with out a spotter

The right way to Carry out the Bridged Ground Press

  1. Load the barbell along with your desired weight. In the event you don’t have a rack, you’ll want to use both bumper plates or a minimum of one iron 45-pound plate on each and every facet of the bar. This may be sure you have right kind clearance to get beneath the barbell and gained’t get pinned via a failed rep.
  2. Lie down and roll the bar till it’s proper on best of your hip bone. Set a company grip at the barbell and pinch your shoulder blades beneath you.
  3. Plant each ft at the floor as you get ready to go into a bridge place.
  4. Inhale, then forcefully exhale as you force the hips right into a bridge place. The barbell will naturally shift again a little.
  5. The beginning place for each and every rep: barbell at sternum, wrists are impartial, elbows are at the floor more or less 45 levels relative to the torso, and hip extensors (particularly the glutes and hamstrings) are activated.
  6. Forcefully exhale as you force the barbell up.
  7. Pull the barbell go into reverse for your sternum. Repeat for desired repetitions.
  8. Whilst you’re executed along with your set, brace your abs and decrease your hips again to the bottom till the load plates are firmly at the flooring. You’ll be able to then roll the barbell clear of you.

Workout routines just like the Bridged Ground Press — along side strikes just like the Zercher Squat — were extraordinarily precious equipment for purchasers who don’t have get admission to to a complete gymnasium.

Taylor Rimmer, proprietor of Revive the Human helps each a bodily location in addition to an internet coaching platform. BridgeAthletic permits Rimmer to simply ship deeply-customized techniques to purchasers anyplace. With the large library of video demos, he is in a position to simply and safely educate with customized exercise techniques which might be adapted to his shopper’s explicit wishes. Bridge even tracks your growth, making it simple to observe your growth and make adjustments as wanted.

“Bridge is a game-changer. Our techniques have advanced method past the elemental ‘3 x 8-10 reps’ — our methodologies are deeper than that and we write extra detailed techniques. Bridge makes it easy.

“I may move on perpetually — from with the ability to paintings on techniques anyplace to with the ability to simply take a look at in with purchasers, it’s simply humorous how a lot time I used to be losing earlier than I had Bridge.” 

In conclusion, if you are on the lookout for a good way to paintings to your bench press and not using a bench, the Bridged Ground Press is a wonderful choice. With its full-body motion and the facility to make use of so much related to (if now not more than) the ground press, it gives a lot of advantages for your coaching program.

Get started a unfastened trial at the Bridge app these days and upload this robust workout — along side 1000’s of others incorporated within the Exos video library — for your subsequent program.

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