The Deep Well being Evaluation: How’s your well being… REALLY?

“How’s your well being?”

When the general public pay attention that query, they instantly take into consideration their blood paintings or perhaps a nagging downside, like again ache or heartburn or migraines.

Others may focal point on a health fulfillment:

“Simply finished my 3rd marathon this 12 months. By no means been more healthy!”

Many of us merely believe their weight or general look:

[pinches stomach] “I’m nonetheless the usage of the similar belt hollow I utilized in my twenties, so I should be wholesome, proper?”

What do those have in not unusual?

They’re targeted round an individual’s bodily well being.

Which is sensible: It’s how we’ve been taught to take into consideration our well being since we have been sufficiently old to… take into consideration our well being.


It doesn’t provide the complete image.

No longer even shut.

Just right well being is ready far more than your LDL ldl cholesterol, frame composition, and health degree.

Analysis displays it’s additionally about your psychological and emotional well-being, feeling hooked up to others, and simply playing existence general.1,2

And that’s only for starters.

That’s why we created a unique well being review that will help you gauge the way you’re in reality doing.

To try this, it analyzes your well being in six the most important dimensions—as an alternative of only one.

However but even so serving to you higher perceive the state of your well being, it additionally displays the place you’ll be able to make the most important certain have an effect on for your well being presently.

End result: You’ll be able to get started taking motion—lately.

We name it the Deep Well being Evaluation.

Use it to find complete insights into your general well being and well-being that you’ll be able to’t get anyplace else.

Get your Deep Well being Evaluation

To start out your review, merely click on “Get Began” beneath.

After finishing your review, if you happen to’re curious to be told extra about Deep Well being and the way the entire dimensions paintings in combination, stay studying.

What’s deep well being?

Deep Well being is a state of thriving in ALL spaces of your existence—now not simply the bodily.

We refer to those spaces as “dimensions of Deep Well being,” and there are six of them: bodily, emotional, psychological, social, environmental, and existential.

Within the chart beneath, you’ll be able to see what each and every measurement method. Understand how all of them give a contribution similarly to Deep Well being.

If that is all searching lovely summary, stick to us. We’ll display you the way it works with some sensible examples.

The most efficient section: If you see it, you’ll be able to’t unsee it. 

And that may be life-changing.

(In truth, it’s designed to be life-changing.)

So let’s get began.

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What makes Deep Well being particular?

Deep Well being isn’t simply one thing you wish to have to reach.

It’s additionally a lens you’ll be able to glance thru to look the place you’re at. (Thus, our Deep Well being Evaluation above.)

Recall to mind it this manner: In case you’re simplest searching at one measurement of your well being—such because the bodily—you’re assessing your well being thru an overly slender lens.

However, if you happen to’re searching in any respect six dimensions, you’re assessing your well being thru a wider lens—some name this a “holistic” view—which provides you with larger insights into your well being.

Moreover, working out Deep Well being assist you to higher decide what movements will take advantage of certain have an effect on for your existence. 

When making an allowance for a brand new addiction, other people incessantly take into consideration the way it’ll have an effect on their bodily well being—however now not essentially how it will have an effect on their social, emotional, or different dimensions of well being.

While you learn about Deep Well being, you’ll be able to use your insights that will help you make a selection movements that experience in style certain results—now not simply on bodily well being, however different dimensions of well being too.

Bonus: When an motion advantages a couple of dimensions, you’re much more likely to maintain it.

How Deep Well being works

Everyone knows: Bodily well being is tremendous vital.

To optimize that measurement of your well being, you want excellent vitamin, common workout, and high quality sleep.

Rarely any individual would argue with that. (We’d say “no person,” however have you ever ever been on Twitter?)

The issue: You aren’t a robotic that’s programmed to do each and every of the ones completely.

In truth, your talent to consume, transfer, and sleep effectively—particularly in some way that’s sustainable—is dependent at the different 5 dimensions of Deep Well being. 

How does it paintings in on a regular basis existence?

Let’s map it out, the usage of sleep for example.

Believe you’re suffering to get a excellent evening’s relaxation.

To inspect this downside thru a Deep Well being lens, you’d now not simplest believe how your sleep downside impacts your bodily well being, but in addition the way it affects your emotional, environmental, psychological, social, and existential well being.

As an instance this, the map beneath displays the EFFECTS deficient shuteye may have on each and every measurement of Deep Well being.

However we’re now not accomplished but.

Now take a look at your dimensions of Deep Well being and believe how each and every could be CONTRIBUTING for your disrupted sleep.

For instance, if you happen to’re now not getting together with your spouse, that could be inflicting some rigidity for your courting—and it’s onerous to go to sleep subsequent to somebody while you’re being concerned, ‘Are they mad at me?’

In consequence, your social well being is messing together with your shuteye.

It’s essential practice this considering throughout all six dimensions of Deep Well being.

(Which we did. See the up to date map.)

In any case, search for relationships BETWEEN the scale of Deep Well being. In any case, those dimensions don’t exist in a vacuum; all of them have an effect on and affect each and every different.

For instance, within the up to date map…

  • Deficient sleep is inflicting heightened paintings anxiousness. The heightened paintings anxiousness is inflicting late-night pc paintings, which is then inflicting extra deficient sleep.
  • Overdue foods also are enjoying a job within the power struggles.
  • The snapping on the spouse could also be a explanation why the home is messy (as a result of that particular person is feeling underappreciated and unwilling to wash).

As you’ll be able to see…

The map can get lovely messy.

That’s k.

It method there’s a large number of alternative for growth. Nevertheless it could be that the very best (and highest) position to begin, isn’t the place you idea.

As an example, perhaps the most efficient path to getting a greater evening’s sleep starts with getting extra arranged at paintings and putting in some paintings/existence barriers, moderately than seeking to deal with sleep immediately.

Working out the way in which quite a lot of facets of existence paintings in combination to create your complicated human revel in is the place the true insights start.

However let’s now not go away you with this moderately hopeless-looking mess.

You simply noticed how quite a lot of facets of well being have been suffering from ONE factor (deficient sleep).

Let’s see how quite a lot of facets of well being may also be suffering from ONE resolution.

The exponential energy of a good motion

Sleep generally is a tough factor.

Normally, it’s now not like you’ll be able to snap your hands and simply come to a decision to sleep higher.

However let’s use the insights we received from our Deep Well being mapping above, and notice how we may undoubtedly have an effect on sleep.

Paintings anxiousness and deficient barriers round running hours could be making it onerous to “flip off” and get high quality sleep at evening.

So, say you get started with a easy intervention: Surroundings some barriers round your night. No paintings emails after 6:30 p.m., and not anything however relax actions (like studying or looking at a light-hearted display) after 9 p.m.

As a result of you already know Deep Well being, you additionally hypothesize that this new regimen will get advantages now not simply sleep (your bodily well being) however may additionally strengthen different dimensions of well being.

For instance, now not running evenings method you could spend extra high quality time together with your partner—bumping up social well being—and even get an opportunity to perform a little mild tidying up prior to mattress—bumping up environmental well being.

And hiya! After a pair weeks, this slow wind-down ritual does get started serving to you go to sleep quicker and recuperate high quality sleep general.

Your sleep might not be best, however darn it, it’s higher than it was once prior to.

Let’s map what occurs.

K, so the middle is now a good trait, thank you for your new night regimen.

And, as discussed, you’re drowsing higher.

Now, let’s take a look at the EFFECTS of this growth on each and every measurement of Deep Well being.

Subsequent, ask your self what elements could be CONTRIBUTING to the advance.

What could be serving to you—from each and every measurement of Deep Well being—to handle your bedtime regimen and sleep higher?

Finally, search for relationships BETWEEN the weather for your map.

On this hypothetical well-rested particular person…

  • Higher sleep is inflicting higher focal point and productiveness all over usual paintings hours. This frees up time outdoor of labor, which is helping you building up different facets of your id, and really feel much less outlined via paintings.
  • Meal making plans and extra common wholesome, home-cooked foods also are serving to daylight temper steadiness. (As a result of, much less hanger.)
  • The power you’ve received from drowsing higher could also be serving to you assume in a larger manner about your existence, and the way you’d love to give a contribution to the sector or your neighborhood in a significant manner.

The map may glance messy once more.

However this time it’s a good looking mess.

It’s now the map of a fancy, but chic, harmonious, thriving existence.

The entire dimensions paintings in combination, development certain momentum and offering scaffolding for even extra enhancements.

Your well being isn’t depending on ONE unmarried side, similar to your bodily well being.

Subsequently, bettering your well being shouldn’t be confined to running on ONE measurement—say, your frame.

If truth be told, well being is supported via a community of intersecting, interdependent elements.

And when that community is robust and dealing in combination, it creates a state of well being this is richer, deeper, and extra resilient than the rest you’ve ever skilled.

In case you haven’t already, check out your Deep Well being Evaluation beneath, and get started development YOUR optimum well being and well-being.


Click on right here to view the guidelines assets referenced on this article.

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