Squatober 2021 | BridgeAthletic

Are you collaborating in Squatober? Listed below are a couple of squat diversifications so as to add to a exercise this month. 

Variation 1: Body weight Squat 

Cue 1: Stand. Ft at hip width. Chest up, again flat.

Cue 2: Sink hips, butt again, thighs parallel to flooring. Prolong palms in entrance of frame. Cling.

Cue 3: Pressure via heels to start out place.

Variation 2: Break up Squat


Cue 1: Status, ft in lunge place. Again flat and chest up. Entrance knee over entrance ankle.

Cue 2: Sink hips. Entrance knee over entrance ankle. Again knee towards flooring. Chest up and again flat.

Cue 3: Pressure via entrance foot, lifting frame. Chest up, again flat. Reset and repeat.

Variation 3:Lateral Squat


Cue 1: Stand, vast stance. Again flat, chest up, palms prolonged in entrance of frame.

Cue 2: Transition weight to at least one aspect. Sink hips, butt again. Knee over ankle. Feet will have to stay directly forward

Cue 3: Pressure via heel, go back to beginning place. Repeat motion for reverse leg.

Cue 4: Go back to beginning place. Repeat, alternating legs for prescribed reps.

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