Phillip Herndon (125KG) Squats 411 Kilograms (906.1 Kilos) for Uncooked All-Time Global Report

Herndon’s squat success used to be a very long time coming.

Phillip Herndon isn’t one to tip-toe round a loaded barbell. As his aggressive resume and Instagram profile of coaching feats illustrate, he’s an athlete ready to position the pedal to the steel each time he steps into the gymnasium. After his most up-to-date accomplishment, the powerlifter now has the checklist books backing up his mentality once more.

On Mar. 18, 2023, right through the USA Powerlifting Coalition (USPC) Mid-Atlantic Vintage & Regional Championship, Herndon captured a 411-kilogram (906.1-pound) uncooked again squat. Consistent with Open Powerlifting, the milestone is not just Herndon’s all-time uncooked festival easiest, it’s the uncooked all-time Global Report for the 125-kilogram (275-pound) weight magnificence. Herndon donned a lifting belt, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps right through the groundbreaking success. At a frame weight of 117 kilograms (258 kilos), neatly beneath the load magnificence cap, he’s the lightest athlete to squat a minimum of 408.2 kilograms (900 kilos) uncooked with sleeves.

Extra from Breaking Muscle:

Herndon’s Global Report squat within the 125-kilogram department formally surpasses his peer Dennis Cornelius by means of one kilogram. Consistent with Open Powerlifting, Cornelius recorded the now-broken uncooked all-time Global Report of 410 kilograms (903.9 kilos) on the 2017 United States Powerlifting Affiliation (USPA) Freedom Health Vintage.

Herndon provides his 125-kilogram uncooked Global Report to a mantel that already options the 110-kilogram checklist of 395 kilograms (870.8 kilos). Herndon completed that mark on the 2022 Global Uncooked Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) The Freaks Come Out At Evening. In the interim, the competition marked the athlete’s closing look within the department prior to officially transitioning to compete at 125 kilograms.

Along with his squat checklist, Herndon notched respective uncooked all-time festival bests at the deadlift (382.3 kilograms/844 kilos) and general (1,023.7 kilograms/2,257 kilos), whilst matching his easiest ever uncooked bench press (230 kilograms/507 kilos).

Herndon’s contemporary efficiency puts him fourth within the 125-kilogram all-time general checklist books, simply at the back of Larry “Wheels” Williams who totaled 1031.9 kilograms (2275 kilos) on the 2017 Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) Insurrextion VI.

Right here’s an outline of Herndon’s record-setting efficiency:

Phillip Herndon (125KG) | 2023 USPC Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship Most sensible Stats

  • Squat — 411 kilograms (906.1 kilos) | All-Time Uncooked Global Report
  • Bench Press — 230 kilograms (507 kilos)
  • Deadlift — 382.3 kilograms (844 kilos) | All-Time Uncooked Festival Absolute best
  • General — 1,023.7 kilograms (2,257 kilos) | All-Time Uncooked Festival Absolute best

Extra from Breaking Muscle:

Now in ownership of 2 uncooked Global Information in two separate divisions, Herndon may just theoretically relaxation on his laurels for a time period as he recuperates and plans his subsequent show of energy. On the other hand, one thing says this celebrity is handiest simply getting began with an eraser and pencil for the checklist books.

Featured symbol: @phillip_herndon on Instagram

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