How Dabbs Health Makes use of BridgeAthletic

BridgeAthletic, the business’s maximum complicated high-performance coaching tool for coaches and athletes, is proud to paintings with Dabbs Health.


“The BridgeAthletic tool helped us transition from a private coaching, to a semi-private private coaching type, while nonetheless keeping up the bespoke training and programming procedure. Each and every shopper nonetheless has their very own program, then again with all the methods being delivered on BridgeAthletic, we’re ready to create coaching templates, after which make small tweaks to every shopper in my view. This protects us a large number of time, but additionally comes throughout to the buyer as an excessively bespoke device and procedure and maintains our values that every shopper is other and so must educate in some way optimum and particular person to them. 

BridgeAthletic is especially helpful for our private coaching shoppers in London, who’ve demanding schedules, and regularly trip and pass over periods. We’re ready to assign coaching to shoppers to accomplish when they’re not able to wait our fitness center, so in the event that they pass over a coaching consultation they may be able to nonetheless whole the exercise in their very own time. We additionally program our shoppers after they trip, and assign them a program in line with the apparatus they have got to be had to them at their lodge. This provides a large number of worth to our carrier.” – James Dabbs, Dabbs Health


Dabbs Health is likely one of the over 250 elite organizations together with groups throughout each skilled sports activities league and gear 5 NCAA convention that use BridgeAthletic to ship energy and conditioning methods. 

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