How A lot Does A Knee Alternative Weigh?

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How a lot does a knee substitute weigh?

The query used to be on my thoughts sooner than and after my surgical procedure so I determined to perform a little research to determine the solution. I discovered that there’s no unmarried definitive resolution.

Fast resolution:

The common weight of guys’s knee replacements are 1.12 lbs and ladies’s knee replacements moderate .76 lbs (each weights come with the cement).

Even supposing the burden of a person knee substitute varies relying at the dimension of the knee and the dimensions of the affected person, they simply weigh a couple of kilos. Thus, there is not any unmarried resolution to the query.

On this article I can percentage the ideas that I’ve discovered whilst researching this query.

Approximate Weight of a General Knee Joint Alternative

The burden of the prosthesis might be greater than the burden of the bone got rid of.

The burden will range relying in your knee and frame dimension. 

Bone, cushy tissue and bone reamings might be got rid of first. Subsequent there’s the cumulative weight of the prosthesis, bone cement, patellar part and the polyethylene liner that might be inserted in on your knee (examine my clinic keep after knee substitute).

I learn one find out about of 20 consecutive sufferers who had TKR surgical procedure. They measured and weighed the amassed fabrics taken from the knee and in addition weighed the elements inserted in to the knee.

The effects:

Imply weight of the brand new knee (plus cement used) used to be 509 grams (1.12 kilos) for males and 345.5 grams (.76 kilos) for ladies.

The common weight of the bone and cushy tissue got rid of used to be 167.5 grams (.36 kilos) for males and 130 grams (.28 kilos) for ladies.

Usually, you’re going to now not understand the small weight distinction.

Elements and Subject matter of a knee substitute

Titanium is the steel of selection now for knee implants. My most effective revel in with titanium previous to my TKR used to be the usage of titanium steel bats when enjoying softball.

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The titanium bats indubitably stepped forward the rate of which the ball sport off the bat and I now not loved fielding balls at shortstop.

Titanium is an elemental steel, that means that it’s not man-made. It’s a particularly low-density steel and it does now not corrode.

It’s particularly helpful for clinical programs. Titanium has the bottom strength-to-weight ratio of any steel. Natural titanium is as robust as metal however weighs roughly 45% much less.

To build a prosthetic knee the titanium is melted down after which solid in to elements which can ultimately shape the substitute knee joint.

Stainless Metal As opposed to Titanium For Your Knee Alternative

  • Titanium is more potent and lighter (45% much less) than Stainless Metal.
  • Titanium has awesome power below repeated load stresses than Stainless Metal.
  • Titanium is much less inflexible than Stainless Metal and boundaries the strain at the bone construction it is hooked up to.
  • Titanium is much less susceptible to producing immune reactions as a result of it’s corrosion resistant.

Does A Titanium Knee Really feel Heavier Than A Customary Knee (Will I Weigh Extra After TKR)?

You might imagine that whilst you weigh your self publish TKR that you’ll knock off a couple of kilos because of the burden of your new steel knee. Sadly this isn’t true.

The implant is not going to make any vital distinction on your weight. 

I learn one find out about that exposed that pre-operative weight and publish operative weight 365 days after surgical procedure confirmed very little impact at the sufferers weight after surgical procedure.

In fact for those who don’t take your rehabilitation severely, or if the process is going unsuitable, then chances are you’ll achieve wait.

I’ve discussed in earlier articles in regards to the good thing about a 6 week (or extra) pre-surgical workout program that may give a boost to pre-operative serve as and muscle power.


I’m hoping this newsletter has helped resolution the query of ways a lot does a knee substitute weigh. I’m sorry that I may just now not give a definitive resolution as we’re all other and the brand new knee is designed in particular for the person.

You received’t really feel a “heavy” knee and the brand new knee is not going to make you weigh greater than you probably did sooner than surgical procedure. What comes from your knee joint and what is going again in to the joint makes for a trifling building up in frame weight.

Titanium is particularly excellent for knee replacements and will have to come up with a few years of excellent knee serve as.

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