Dove Frame Polish Is Now not For Your Face. However This DIY Scrub Is…

No, Dove Frame Polish must no longer be used for your face. However we’re going to display you learn how to make a less expensive, more healthy selection to Dove’s exfoliating scrub that can be utilized everywhere your face and frame. 

So that you attempted Dove Exfoliating Frame Polish and love how it smells and makes your pores and skin really feel. Now you would really like that easy, polished feel and look in your face too. Proper? Smartly, that will not be a good suggestion, particularly when you’ve got delicate pores and skin.

We will display you learn how to make a couple of sumptuous feeling, delightful smelling, wholesome pores and skin scrubs that can make your face and frame really feel like a child’s backside. And, those scrubs are very affordable and can also be saved on your bathe for weeks.

What’s Dove Frame Polish and why you should not apply it to your face

Simply because the product identify suggests, Dove Frame Polish is an exfoliating frame cream this is supposed to wash and varnish the surface for your frame, no longer your face. It combines an exfoliating agent with moisturizers so that you get smoother pores and skin that is additionally hydrated. That is why it is so fashionable.

What does exfoliate imply? The aim of an exfoliating product is to wash or slough off dry, flaky, lifeless pores and skin cells for smoother, healthier-looking pores and skin.

However you’ll make your personal exfoliating, hydrating scrub for lower than part the associated fee with none components, chemical compounds, or fragrances that can be utilized for your face and frame.

Why you should not use this at the face?

Along with hydrated silica (which is a sand like aspect that “exfoliates your pores and skin”), this frame polish additionally accommodates whipped moisturizers, oils, fragrances, colours, and artificial waxes. 

And whilst it does scent superb and creates a favorable bathe revel in, it isn’t formulated for use at the delicate pores and skin of the face and eyes. And, it should not be utilized by the ones vulnerable to breakouts, inflammation, positive strains or wrinkles.

Advantage of creating a herbal face and frame polish

If you are in search of a herbal hydrating, exfoliating pores and skin polisher that can be utilized at the face and frame – why no longer make your personal.

There are a number of benefits to creating your personal pores and skin polish cream:

  • You keep an eye on the elements so you’ll make it as sturdy or delicate as wanted.
  • It is all herbal and not using a components, waxes, or chemical compounds.
  • It accommodates herbal oils and fragrances.
  • It is affordable.

And, I promise, your selfmade exfoliating scrub will scent simply as nice – if no longer higher – since the perfume shall be from an all herbal supply. 

Home made face and frame polish

The recipe in your selfmade face and frame polish is unassuming. It mainly accommodates two elements, (1-part coconut oil combined with 3-parts baking soda) however you’ll make substitutions which we’re going to speak about later.

To begin, combine the next elements in a plastic container that accommodates a lid:

  • Two oz of coconut oil
  • 5 or 6 oz of baking soda
  • Use a spoon to as much as combine smartly

The consistency seems to be just a little like grainy sugar frosting. You’ll play with this via including kind of oil or baking soda. It depends upon your choice. Individually, I do not find it irresistible dripping with oil, I find it irresistible thicker with a consistency of sugar frosting.

Then position the container on your bathe or via your sink. When your in a position to make use of it, simply scoop out a small quantity (about measurement of quarter for face and extra for the frame) and therapeutic massage your face and frame as wanted. Then rinse smartly.


  1. Take a look at on a small house of your pores and skin first to peer how it is going to react.
  2. Use warning within the bathe, the oil may make the bathe ground slippery.

Face and frame scrub recipe substitutions


Change baking soda with sugar – This may increasingly give your scrub extra oomph! Sugar granules are larger than baking soda and can supply a deeper scrub.

Additionally, sugar is a herbal exfoliating agent as it accommodates alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). Those acid readily penetrate the higher layers of the surface breaking down the “glue” that holds the bonds in combination. 

Change oil with water – When you’ve got oily pores and skin you’ll combine the baking soda with water too. Simply upload a drop or two of water or the baking soda will dissolve.

What form of coconut oil is easiest?

The kind of coconut oil you utilize is a private choice. You can in finding quite a few coconut oils within the grocery store, however many are impartial in taste and aroma as a result of they are made for cooking.

Individually, I like the scent of coconut oil in a scorching bathe, particularly all over the iciness, it remines me of summer season and Pina-coladas!

So I exploit an natural, cold-pressed, unbleached,  additional virgin coconut oil that is wealthy in medium chain triglycerides. And it has the entire scent of coconuts – which is superb! 

Natural Chilly-Pressed, Further Virgin Coconut Oil

How frequently must I exploit this frame polish

The general public get started out the use of this as soon as per week for the face and frame. Then relying for your pores and skin sort and wishes, you’ll building up to 2-Thrice per week. When you’ve got delicate pores and skin, rosacea, zits, or another pores and skin problems, please take a look at together with your dermatologist.

Be in contact – tell us how you prefer this frame polish

Whether or not you attempted Dove Frame Polish or made your personal the use of the recipes indexed right here, we would love to listen to your opinion. Be in contact and tell us the way it is going.

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