Derek Lunsford and Ronnie Coleman Spend High quality Time Development Up Their Again and Biceps

The bodybuilding legend put the present famous person throughout the wringer.

Former 212 Olympia champion (2021) Derek Lunsford switched to competing within the Males’s Open remaining yr and slightly ignored a beat. The famous person bodybuilder took house a runner-up end on the 2022 Olympia, hanging himself at the precipice of immortality. In November 2023, right through the newest iteration in Orlando, FL, Lunsford will attempt to end the task. First, he took some coaching recommendation from an icon.

On Apr. 3, 2023, Lunsford posted a video to his YouTube channel the place he works out with eight-time Mr. Olympia (1998-2005) Ronnie Coleman. The legend and Lunsford stroll thru a again and biceps exercise in combination that might almost certainly handiest be accomplished through two bodybuilding superstars.

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Sooner than Lunsford and Coleman hit the health club, they spent a lot of an afternoon in combination, doing such things as getting breakfast at a diner and speaking in regards to the bodybuilding coaching procedure. Then, when it used to be time to get right down to industry, they wasted no time.

Right here’s an summary of the again and biceps exercise from Lunsford and Coleman. The regimen happened at Coleman’s Signature Collection health club. Notice: The precise repetition and units for every motion had been undisclosed.


Lunsford and Coleman start the consultation with a conventional deadlift. Given a few of Coleman’s contemporary well being problems, handiest Lunsford carried out the motion, running in a couple of units prior to the pair moved on.

Seated Cable Row

Lunsford and Coleman labored in some seated cable rows to heart extra on a horizontal coaching attitude for the again muscular tissues. The workout is excellent for well-rounded again building if carried out in a managed type. Each Lunsford and Coleman powered thru a couple of heavy units whilst progressively expanding their weight.

Regardless of an obvious depth, Coleman took the time to inspire Lunsford, most likely giving him an acceptable description.

“Subsequent up and coming Mr. Olympia is correct right here,” Coleman mentioned of Lunsford as he labored out. “The longer term is right here. You were given the person in the home.”

Extensive-Grip Lat Pulldown

To near out the back-focused portion in their consultation, Lunsford and Coleman carried out a wide-grip lat pulldown. A staple again motion in lots of coaching routines, the latissimus dorsi is underneath the microscope right here. The duo carried out a conventional lat pulldown with a much wider grip prior to transferring to a couple of units of a behind-the-neck variation.

Lunsford emphasised that contraction and methodology had been necessary at the lat pulldown.

“Although it seems like we’re swaying a little bit bit, you’ve actually gotta just be sure you’re staying engaged with the muscle and conserving that consistent pressure,” Lunsford mentioned.

Unmarried-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

Lunsford and Coleman remoted their muscular tissues with preacher curls within the first a part of their biceps exercise. The character of the motion restricts an athlete’s positioning, forcing progressed paintings at the biceps. This makes preacher curls an effective way to give a boost to the biceps brachii muscular tissues.

After warming up, Lunsford and Coleman driven themselves thru a couple of running units as they prepped for the general section in their day within the health club in combination.

Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curl

To distinguish from the preacher curls, Lunsford and Coleman closed with some units of the hammer curl variation. Hammer curls paintings the lengthy head of the biceps muscular tissues and the brachialis close to the forearm. With their again and biceps sufficiently educated, Lunsford and Coleman put a neat bow on their mutual consultation.

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After you have the chance to select the mind of a dwelling Olympia legend, Lunsford used to be accurately thankful. It’s no longer essentially incessantly a present celebrity even will get an opportunity at this sort of assembly of the minds.

“What an afternoon, guy! That used to be numerous a laugh,” Lunsford exclaimed. “It simply felt like all of us clicked instantly. Simply everyone right here, and particularly me and Ronnie [Coleman] placing out and having a great time, guy!”

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