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Some folks put coconut oil on, neatly, the entirety. However what’s it, and why is everybody so obsessed? Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut fruit and has been part of conventional medication for hundreds of years. It may be utilized in more than a few tactics, each internally and externally.

As it’s so soothing, many ladies came upon on their very own that coconut oil works wonders as an all-natural vaginal moisturizer and lube. We talked to 1 gynecologist who instructed us her sufferers used coconut oil they purchased at Costco as a non-public moisturizer! Now she recommends coconut oil to her sufferers at all times.

So we set out to reply to the query, “Is coconut oil k to make use of vaginally? Is it secure and efficient?” 

Brief solution? Yep. Listed below are the main points on what we discovered. 

Coconut Oil: Lube It Up or Depart It Out? 

Obviously, we are not the primary girls to find that coconut oil feels implausible down there—particularly as a vaginal moisturizer or pure lubricant to assist with vaginal dryness. However there is nonetheless some debate round whether or not or now not it is as excellent in your vagina because it feels. We now have noticed claims floating across the web that coconut oil can build up your chance for an infection by way of converting your vagina’s vegetation, however those claims are unsupported by way of any medical analysis. Whilst analysis has proven us is that there unquestionably are lubricants that may build up your chance of an infection—particularly petroleum jelly—coconut oil isn’t some of the culprits. 

Since there wasn’t excellent proof, we made up our minds to do our personal find out about earlier than launching Coco Bliss, our new vaginal moisturizer that is helping with the vaginal dryness of menopause (and perimenopause) and preps you for intimacy. Here is what we present in our 28-day, third-party scientific find out about: 

Scientific Effects 

●   95% stated Coco Bliss reduces vaginal dryness
●   95% stated it is helping pores and skin retain moisture
●   86% discovered it appropriate as a therapeutic massage oil
●   100% had no damaging reactions 

One phrase of warning: The one time we don’t counsel coconut oil as a lubricant is when the use of latex-based condoms along with your spouse(s). Oil-based lubricants were proven to weaken condoms and build up breakage within the bed room. The similar science extends to plastic intercourse toys; oil can ruin them down. That’s one reason why we advise silicone intercourse toys, which can be additionally more secure in your frame. 

“We take into account moisturizer for our face, arms, and ft. However numerous girls overlook about moisturizing delicate portions just like the vagina and vulva.” – Dr. Somi Javaid

How Coconut Oil Relieves Vaginal Dryness  

Coconut oil is wealthy in fatty acids and is anti inflammatory, this means that it is superb for soothing delicate, dry pores and skin by way of aiding your pores and skin’s pure pores and skin barrier and sealing in moisture. When researching coconut oil, the gynecologists and ladies we talked to cherished the use of it to alleviate vaginal dryness, particularly as a result of it is a totally pure element. 

In the case of relieving painful intercourse or coping with vulvar itchiness or discomfort, many ladies’s well being execs counsel coconut oil as an inexpensive and secure possibility. Most ladies to find it very soothing, and that it makes an enormous day-to-day distinction! In a fresh Q&A, Dr. Somi Javaid talked in regards to the significance of moisturizing down there for much less painful intercourse. “We take into account moisturizer for our face, arms, and ft,” she stated. “However numerous girls overlook about moisturizing delicate portions just like the vagina and vulva.” 

And the sunshine, tropical scent of coconut oil simply occurs to be an added bonus for maintaining a moisturizing regimen. 

A Coconut Oil Moisturizer Made for Your V 

Coco Bliss is the indulgent vaginal (and all-over!) moisturizer from Womaness that harnesses the pure energy of coconut oil to ease the vaginal dryness of menopause and prep you for intimacy. Made with all-natural substances, it melts into your pores and skin and is helping it higher retain moisture. As for its texture, you’ll realize that Coco Bliss will liquefy in hotter temps and will harden or get grittier in less warm temps, however that is merely due to the pure houses of its natural coconut oil. 

Take a deep breath and inhale its brilliant, pure coconut odor with notes of candy almond oil and vanilla bean. You’re going to like it.

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