Ask a Physician: “Why does intercourse harm now?”

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Your Query:

“Now that I’m in menopause, why does having intercourse really feel painful?”

The Solution:

From Dr. Somi Javaid, founder & Leader Clinical Officer of HerMD: “If there is ache concerned all over intercourse—a commonplace criticism I pay attention—we name it genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). Our exterior and interior anatomy are very dependent upon hormones. I regularly evaluate a regular, wholesome vagina to an accordion: it has those deep folds known as rugae, it stretches, and it is purple. As you age and lose the ones hormone ranges, that tissue begins to get thinner…and whilst you attempt to stretch that tissue with sex, it does not do it as neatly. It virtually turns into like a tube sock, burning and hurting. That is when ladies inform me intercourse hurts, or they really feel dry or harm the day after.

The rationale we name it genitourinary is as a result of some ladies have bladder signs on the similar time. They may well be leaking with a cough, a sneeze, or whilst leaping. Those adjustments are all without delay associated with hormones declining.

The excellent news is there are great remedy choices. There are suppositories (in most cases hormonal) which can be in the neighborhood performing. If you wish to keep away from that, there is pelvic flooring bodily treatment. There are surgical choices for incontinence. There are lasers and radio-frequency remedies for the dryness and ache. There also are nice over the counter lubricants and moisturizers. We bear in mind moisturizer for our face, arms, and ft. However a large number of ladies put out of your mind about moisturizing delicate portions just like the vagina and vulva. There at the moment are nice merchandise available in the market that may lend a hand stay that pores and skin wholesome.

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