Ask a Physician: “Why are my breasts converting in menopause?”

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Your Query:

“I am in menopause and feature spotted that my breasts are converting. Can you inform me what is in reality happening right here?”

The Resolution:

From Dr. Ekta Kapoor, endocrinologist, Mayo Medical institution:

“Breasts are a hormone-sensitive tissue. They reply to each estrogen and progesterone in quite alternative ways. However then if you have lack of the ones hormones with menopause, there may be principally lack of breast tissue cells and extra presence of better quantities of fats within the breast and the breast can change into sagging in nature.

…there may be principally lack of breast tissue cells and extra presence of better quantities of fats…”

So in a way, they’re shrinking as a result of lack of tissue, however with the fats and any weight achieve, et cetera, thello would possibly seem to be huge and sagging. And the danger for breast most cancers is going up with age, too. Because of this, postmenopausal girls generally tend to have a better chance of breast most cancers.

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