A Checklist Of Drugs Impressed Names For Canines & Different Animals

On this article an inventory of drugs names for canines and different animals is supplied

Composed By means of: Timothy P. Gauthier, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCIDP

Article posted 20 August 2022

Just lately @HaPhanPharmD requested the twitterverse for just right medicine names for canines. Many of us commented, sharing some precise names in their pets (see underneath) or hypothetical names that might be a imaginable identify for a canine (or pair of canines).

As somebody who as soon as virtually named a canine colistin (after an antibiotic I used to review), I will be able to utterly relate to in need of to call your canine after a drugs identify. From the chatter on social media many of us from the arena of pharmacy, drugs, nursing, and different healthcare professions really feel the similar.

Considering that individuals is also on the lookout for an inventory like this sooner or later (and only for just right amusing), the next listing of drugs names for canines is supplied. Maximum of this listing is sourced from feedback on social media. Some are what is also the formal identify at the vet place of job seek advice from (with the shortened model for day-to-day use), whilst others are pun nicknames. I’m admittedly biased in opposition to favoring the antimicrobial drug names, move determine.

All of those drugs too can in fact be used for different pets past canines. Scroll down for pairs of names and bonus clinical names for pets.

  1. Penicillin (Penny for brief)
  2. Nimbex
  3. Zofran (Zoe for brief)
  4. Pawxlovid
  5. Amphoterrier B (Ampho or B for brief)
  6. Verapawmil (Vera for brief)
  7. Lidocaine (Caine for brief)
  8. Augmentin (Auggie for brief)
  9. Zosyn
  10. Vancosyn or vancopime (Vanc for brief)
  11. Puppercillin
  12. Woofarin
  13. Plavix
  14. Cialis (Cia for brief)
  15. Staxyn
  16. Ceftin
  17. Lasix (Lasi for brief)
  18. Chloramphenicol (Chloe for brief)
  19. Ozempic (Ozzzie for brief)
  20. Moxifloxacin (Moxi for brief)
  21. Flomax (Max for brief)
  22. Zithromax (Max for brief)
  23. Fidoxomicin (Fido for brief)
  24. Merrem
  25. Dawgsycycline or Doggsycycline (Dawgsy for brief)
  26. Lexapro (Lexie for brief)
  27. Celexa
  28. Prozac (Zac for brief)
  29. Paxil (Pax for brief)
  30. Harvoni (Harvy for brief)
  31. Mavyret (Mav for brief)
  32. Rexulti (Rex for brief)
  33. Ruxolitinib (Rux for brief)
  34. Baricitinib (Bari for brief)
  35. Jakafi (Jak for brief)
  36. Xyzal
  37. Allegra (is also in particular humorous if hypersensitivity problems)
  38. Yaz
  39. Levora
  40. Beyaz (Bey for brief)
  41. Ocella
  42. Nora-BE (Nora or B for brief)
  43. Mirena
  44. Adderall (Addie for brief)
  45. Dexamethasone or Dexmeditomidine or Precedex or Dexedrine (Dex for brief)
  46. Phenytoin (Pheny for brief)
  47. Remifentanyl (Remi for brief)
  48. Ketamine (Katy for brief)
  49. Codeine (Codi for brief)
  50. Marinol (Marin for brief)
  51. Percocet (Perc for brief)
  52. Doglaudid (Lauddie for brief)
  53. Benzodiazepine (Benzo for brief, can sing Ba-Ba-Benny and the pets to them)
  54. Midazolam (Dazzie or Dazzle for brief)
  55. Xanax (Xanny for brief)
  56. Tikosyn (Tiko for brief)
  57. Norepinephrine (Nori for brief)
  58. Levophed (Levo for brief)
  59. Montelukast (Monte for brief)
  60. Bictegravir (Bic for brief)
  61. Dogorubicin (Doggo for brief)
  62. Famotidine (Fammy)

Listed below are names for pairs of canines..

  1. Pip and tazo
  2. Ampicillin and gentamicin (brief for Amp and Gent)
  3. Quinupristin and dolfopristin (brief for Quinnie and Dolfo)
  4. Bella and Donna

Different bonus names from social media…

  • Henle (after loop of henle within the kidney)
  • Nutrition
  • Purrdaxa for a cat (name them Dax)
  • GABA (for the neurotransmitter)
  • Dopamine (Dopey for brief)
  • Billy Rubin (after bilirubin, Billy for brief)
  • Bezoar for a cat (Bezzie for brief)
  • ECMO
  • QT (pronounced cutie)
  • Doppler

I’m hoping you discovered this amusing/useful!



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