5 Issues I Realized From #ASMicrobe 2022 – Thru Twitter

On this submit an infectious illnesses pharmacist identifies and discusses 5 issues realized from #ASMicrobe 2022 – via Twitter

Authored through: Timothy P. Gauthier, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCIDP

Article posted 13 June 2022

There are lots of clinical conferences to visit this present day. For infectious illnesses lovers, only a few that are evoked come with IDweek, ECCMID, ASMicrobe, ACCP, and MAD-ID. However the listing of prime quality conferences is going on and on.

Since no person has the time or cash to visit all of them how are we able to most likely care for the entire FOMO? Smartly, in case you are like me, you apply alongside on social media.

Other folks were tweeting out content material from clinical conferences for years. There are even magazine articles about tweet whilst attending clinical conferences. Nowadays many assembly organizers understand the price of getting their content material on social media, and feature taken steps to inspire or allow sharing in this platform. A up to date assembly organizer of a big esteemed convention even advised me they have been agreeable to having quick movies of the shows shared on Twitter. A large alternate from the times when tweeting of any assembly content material was once strictly forbidden through many primary convention organizers.

With ASMicrobe (the most important annual assembly of the American Society of Microbiology) happening June 9-13, I assumed it can be amusing to tug out 5 issues realized from the convention by means of Twitter. I am hoping you in finding it useful. Large thanks to the entire wonderful scientists sharing this data and making us all higher for it!

Listed here are 5 issues I realized from #ASMicrobe 2022, via Twitter. Observe first those are now not essentially new knowledge, however they’re issues I realized on account of tweets from convention goers. Observe 2nd that I didn’t overview each and every tweet with #ASMicrobe, those have been discovered from what popped into my feed over the previous few days.

1. There are exact knowledge confirming that converting pathogen names in point of fact does confuse clinicians

Candida kruseii was once reclassified to Pichia kudriazeveii. Candida glabrata was once reclassified to Nakaseomyces glabrata. It isn’t a surprise that identify adjustments could cause problems for clinicians, however there are actually knowledge appearing that is the case. Knowledge that we will be able to cite to mention it’s true if want be.

The e-newsletter main points are right here. Reporting Pichia kudriazeveii with out the previous identify reported concurrently became out to be complicated. This kind of knowledge would possibly assist us know the way to optimize reporting programs as names alternate.

Right here is the #ASMicrobe supply tweet.

2. Aztreonam is healthier at killing Klebsiella aerogenes than it’s at killing Enterobacter cloacae complicated

Perusing a desk offered through Dr. Erik Munson and reflecting on my basic loss of enthusiasm for aztreonam, I may now not assist however word 84% vulnerable price for Klebsiella aerogenes and 75% vulnerable price for Enterobacter cloacae complicated.

Additionally famous cefazolin as an outstanding 91% energetic as opposed to Klebsiella pneumonia (the use of the CLSI M100 urine breakpoints), thank you Dr. Hurst for pointing that out!

Right here is the #ASMicrobe supply tweet.

3. The frequency of Twitter posts for brand new analysis papers mirrors that of reports articles, each peaking briefly and infrequently discussed a 12 months later

Tweets don’t final too lengthy, however I used to be considering the folk of Twitter have been discussing issues considerably longer than what may well be noticed within the information headlines. Seems that isn’t in point of fact the case. There’s a great symbol right here within the quotation supply.

Right here is the #ASMicrobe supply tweet.

4. Influenza charges carefully replicate antibiotic gross sales knowledge

Dr. Laxminarayan shared those knowledge as a part of his communicate. Just right knowledge for pushing the argument that vaccination helps antimicrobial stewardship, because it reduces influenza transmission.

Right here is the #ASMicrobe supply tweet. Right here are the revealed knowledge at the back of the tweet.

5. In case your poster print activity seems to be a lemon, you’ll be able to nonetheless make it into lemonade!

This was once too neat to not come with and I by no means would have considered this. Very cool Dr. Davis, who took his poster with lower than ultimate printing parameters and became it into an interactive survey!

Right here is the #ASMicrobe supply tweet.

Final feedback

Following the #ASMicrobiology 2022 clinical convention by means of Twitter has been nice. I am hoping you discovered a minimum of this type of useful if now not fascinating and I am hoping you’re going to sign up for me in following the following large clinical convention on Twitter! See you round!



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