2022 Reliable Strongman Video games Occasions Launched

The 2022 Reliable Strongman Video games (OSG) will happen on November 11-13, 2022, in Daytona Seashore, FL. As an important contest within the strongman sphere, the respective competition will sing their own praises their power and conditioning to check out and seize a victory in East Florida. 

On July 13, 2022, the OSG group printed the occasions for this 12 months’s contest over their Instagram profile. 

2022 Reliable Strongman Video games Occasions Time table 

Day 1 — Friday, November eleventh, 2022

  • Viking Press
  • Farmer’s Stroll

Day 2 — Saturday, November twelfth, 2022

Day 3, Finals (Most sensible 10 athletes in each and every department) — Sunday, November thirteenth, 2022

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On the time of this writing, the OSG group has now not carried out an reputable free up that unearths this 12 months’s roster of athletes. Names like Nick Easiest and a number of different Males’s Grasp’s department competition are locked in, however Easiest printed the ones additions on his non-public Instagram profile. He seems to be a relative exception on that entrance. 

In a similar fashion, the aggressive divisions and their precise numbers also are unconfirmed. All this is transparent is that the highest 10 finishers in each and every department will advance to the Finals on Day 3. For the primary time, the Finals will even come with a 3rd tournament.

If this 12 months’s OSG is the rest just like the 2021 version, it’s going to characteristic those respective divisions:

  • Ladies 64 Kilograms
  • Ladies 73 Kilograms 
  • Ladies 82 Kilograms 
  • Ladies’s Open
  • Ladies’s Masters 
  • Males’s 80 Kilograms
  • Males’s 90 Kilograms 
  • Males’s 105 Kilograms 
  • Males’s Open
  • Males’s Masters 40+ 
  • Males’s Masters 50+ 

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2022 OSG Tournament Breakdown

Listed here are some extra specifics at the occasions that the competition can probably be expecting in Daytona Seashore in response to ultimate 12 months’s iteration of the OSG.

Be aware: The full structure, weights, and time restrictions, if any, are unconfirmed for the agenda of occasions. Those main points are essentially speculative.

Viking Press

A brand new addition to this 12 months’s OSG, the Viking Press will check the athletes’ overhead power. They’ll use an put in force with both a instantly barbell or parallel handles which might be hooked up on the finish of both a lever gadget or a landmine equipment. The development is also about taking pictures one max rep or looking to end as many reps as conceivable in a suite period of time. 

Farmer’s Stroll

In every other change-up from ultimate 12 months’s festival, the Farmer’s Stroll might be part of the 2022 OSG. A Farmer’s Stroll most often duties athletes with wearing two massive dumbbells (or different implements) of their palms to check their grip and core power. In most cases, the athletes should stroll with their implements for optimum distance in a suite time. 

Axle Deadlift 

The Axle Deadlift could be the alternative for ultimate 12 months’s Deadlift Ladder. An axle deadlift is a variation the place the barbell is a number of inches thicker than a standard barbell, challenging extra of the athlete’s grip. This tournament will even most likely both be for a max rep or to score as many reps as conceivable in a little while. 

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Sandbag to Shoulder

The Sandbag to Shoulder will probably give the athletes the duty of many times lifting a sandbag to their shoulder from the ground for optimum reps. A pass judgement on can give the sign for a excellent rep sooner than the athlete can drop the sandbag and get started the method anew. The Sandbag to Shoulder would possibly resemble a stone-to-shoulder tournament the place competition have the similar activity with the similar set-up however with a big stone. 

Automobile Stroll

Within the first go back of an tournament from ultimate 12 months’s festival, the set-up for the Automobile Stroll could be more uncomplicated to expect. In 2021, the athletes needed to stroll a heavy automobile body down a 15-meter direction as speedy as they might inside a minute. Significantly, this 12 months’s Automobile Stroll begins the Finals, whilst ultimate 12 months’s used to be featured on Day 1. 

Circus Dumbbell 

Because the 2022 OSG attracts to a detailed, the finalists must once more see their overhead power examined with the Circus Dumbbell. A circus dumbbell is largely a bigger dumbbell with a bigger grip and extra period. In strongman occasions, athletes regularly have the duty of urgent the circus dumbbell with a unmarried arm, both for a max rep or for optimum reps. 

Atlas Stones

In strongman custom, the OSG will end with the famed Atlas Stones. If this 12 months’s tournament is the rest like 2021, the competition will most likely have to raise six another way weighted large stones onto their respective pedestals sooner than time runs out. The winner is the one who lifts essentially the most stones within the quickest time. 

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A Host of Intrigue

This 12 months’s OSG will no doubt show off an collection of attention-grabbing storylines around the board. With a slight change-up in structure and calls for, mid-November 2022 in Daytona Seashore may turn out to be a doozy. 

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